Public Holidays Queensland 2024

Queensland is a vibrant and diverse state known for its natural beauty, dynamic economy, and strong sense of community. It faces the future with a focus on sustainable development, innovation, and preserving its unique environmental heritage.

List of Public Holidays in Queensland 2024

  • Labour Day: Monday, 6 May
  • Royal Queensland Show: Wednesday, 14 August* (Brisbane only)
  • Queen’s Birthday: Monday, 7 October

List of National and Public holidays in Australia for the year 2024

  • New Year’s Day is on Monday, 1 January
  • Australia Day is on Friday, 26 January
  • Good Friday is on Friday, 29 March
  • Easter Saturday is on Saturday, 30 March
  • 2. Easter Sunday is on Sunday, 31 March
  • 3. Easter Monday is on Monday, 1 April
  • Anzac Day is on Tuesday, 25 April
  • Christmas Day is on Wednesday, 25 December
  • Boxing Day is on Thursday, 26 December
  • Boxing Day Holiday: Friday, 27 December 2024

Flag of Queensland Australia
Flag of Queensland Australia


  • Indigenous Heritage: Queensland has a rich Indigenous history, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples inhabiting the region for tens of thousands of years, each with distinct cultures and languages.
  • European Settlement: European exploration began in the 17th century, but significant settlement started in the 19th century. Queensland was established as a separate colony from New South Wales in 1859.
  • Development and Growth: The state’s development was significantly influenced by the gold rush, agriculture, and later mining activities.


  • Diverse Landscapes: Encompassing the Great Barrier Reef, tropical rainforests, arid outback, and metropolitan areas, Queensland boasts a wide range of natural environments.
  • Climate: Features a tropical climate in the north, including the Wet Tropics, and a subtropical climate in the south, with varying conditions in the interior.


  • Cultural Diversity: Reflects a multicultural society with influences from its Indigenous heritage, European settlers, and recent international migrants.
  • Arts and Festivals: Hosts vibrant arts scenes and cultural festivals, such as the Brisbane Festival and the Indigenous Cultural Festivals in the Torres Strait and Cape York.
  • Cuisine: Offers a diverse culinary scene, influenced by its tropical agriculture, seafood, and multicultural communities.


  • Key Sectors: Traditionally reliant on agriculture, mining, and tourism. Queensland is a major exporter of coal, beef, wool, and sugar.
  • Innovation and Technology: Recent growth in technology, education, and healthcare sectors, aiming to diversify the economy beyond traditional industries.
  • Tourism: A significant contributor, with attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, and national parks drawing visitors from around the world.


  • Population: Characterized by a mix of urban and rural populations, with major cities including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Cairns.
  • Healthcare and Education: Provides comprehensive healthcare and education systems, with initiatives to extend services to remote and rural areas.
  • Community and Lifestyle: Known for its laid-back lifestyle, community spirit, and emphasis on outdoor living and recreation.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Conservation Efforts: Active in protecting its unique ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef and ancient rainforests. Initiatives focus on conservation, sustainable tourism, and addressing climate change impacts.
  • Renewable Energy: Pursuing renewable energy projects to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize environmental impact.

Government and Politics

  • State Governance: Operates under a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with a Governor representing the monarch and a Premier as head of the government.
  • Environmental and Economic Policies: Balancing economic development with environmental conservation is a key focus, alongside health, education, and infrastructure development.


  • World Heritage Sites: Home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics of Queensland, and Fraser Island.
  • Adventure and Nature: Offers a range of activities from snorkeling and diving in the reef to hiking in national parks and exploring the outback.