Holi Festival India 2024

Holi – The Indian festival of colours and love
The spring festival named Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular in several parts of South Asia and it represents the rid and ending of past errors, as the day of forgiveness and hope. Moreover the famous festival signifies the great victory of good over evil, as well as the arrival of spring.

When is the Holi Festival in India 2024

  • 2024 Holi Festival in India will be on Monday March 25th 2024, with Holika Dahan on Sunday March 24th 2024

The origins of Holi are based on a symbolic Hindu legend. Once upon a time, there was an evil king named Hiranyakashipu who received a blessing that made him virtually indestructible. He forced everyone to worship him, but his own son, Prahlada, worshipped Vishnu, another important god. After being punished by his father, Prahlada’s evil aunt tried to trick him, but her cloak, which made her immune to fire, saved Prahlada in an inferno. In addition, Vishnu appeared and killed Hiranyakashipu, and good Prahlada survived. Today, the bonfire is a significant reminder of the defeat of evil by good.

What do the Colors mean at Holi?

The colors thrown at each other during the festival also tell an interesting story. Krishna, another god, has a blue skin color because a demon poisoned him with her breast milk. From then on he is desperate because of his unusual skin color and finally gets the order from his mother to paint a girl’s face any color he wants. Later, he and the girl he painted become a couple. The origin stories tell of the importance of love, forgiveness and the victory of good over evil.

Where is Holi celebrated?

The festival is mainly celebrated in India, Nepal and some other regions of the world, especially by Hindus or people with Indian ancestors. At the very beginning, the night before Holi, the usual celebration begins with a magnificent Holika bonfire and the participants gather to sing and dance. The next morning, the carnival of colors takes place where everyone plays and throws dry colored powder on each other. Groups of musicians join in the festivities with their festive music. In the evening, people visit their families after sobering up with intoxicating drinks such as bhang, which contains a few cannabis leaves.

How is the Holi date calculated?

With the approach of the spring equinox on the full moon, the Holi festival begins every year. That’s why the date of the festival varies from year to year and usually takes place in March or February according to the Gregorian calendar. In some regions of India, the festival is so important that religious people celebrate it for sixteen days. The religious background behind the curtains remains the love of Radha for Krishna.

Flag of India
Flag of India

Previous Dates Holi:

  • 2018 Holi Festival in India was on Friday March 2nd, with Holika Dahan on Sunday, March 1st 2018
  • 2017 Holi Festival in India was on Monday March 13th, with Holika Dahan on Sunday, March 12 2017