The 10 Best Locations to watch the Full Moon – A Night Under the Stars

There’s something magical about watching the full moon. It’s a celestial event that unites us all, offering a sense of wonder and tranquility. Whether you’re an avid astronomer, a romantic soul, or someone seeking a unique travel experience, these 10 locations offer the most spectacular views of the full moon.

1. Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA

Atop the high elevations of Mauna Kea, the skies open up like a cosmic theatre. With its clear atmosphere, this spot is a dream for moon watchers and stargazers alike.

Best Viewing Times: The full moon here is a year-round spectacle, but the dry season from May to October offers the clearest views.

Local Tips: Join a guided stargazing tour and remember to acclimatize to the high altitude.

2. Stonehenge, England

Imagine watching the full moon rise above the mysterious Stonehenge. This ancient site aligns with celestial bodies, making it a profound spot for moon viewing.

Best Viewing Times: The full moons of the equinoxes are particularly stunning.

Local Tips: Check for special night access events to experience the moon in solitude.

3. The Sahara Desert, North Africa

Under the full moon, the Sahara transforms into a lunar landscape. The moonlight reflecting off the vast sand dunes creates an otherworldly experience.

Best Viewing Times: Visit during the cooler months from October to April for a comfortable experience.

Local Tips: Book a desert overnight tour for the full experience.

4. Mount Fuji, Japan

The iconic Mount Fuji, under the glow of the full moon, is a sight to behold. The serene beauty of the area is enhanced by the lunar illumination.

Best Viewing Times: Clear skies in the fall and winter months offer the best views.

Local Tips: Night hikes are popular, but ensure you’re well-prepared for the terrain.

5. The Pinnacles, Western Australia

This lunar-like landscape, with its unique limestone formations, becomes even more surreal under the full moon’s light.

Best Viewing Times: The cooler months from May to October offer the best night-sky clarity.

Local Tips: Guided night tours are available for a safe and informative experience.

6. Santorini, Greece

The full moon over Santorini, with its reflection on the Aegean Sea, creates a romantic and unforgettable scene.

Best Viewing Times: Summer full moons are spectacular here.

Local Tips: Enjoy the view from a cliffside café or restaurant.

7. The Norwegian Fjords, Norway

The moon’s reflection on the still waters of the fjords surrounded by towering mountains is breathtaking.

Best Viewing Times: Late spring and summer provide clearer skies.

Local Tips: Consider a moonlit fjord cruise for a unique perspective.

8. Banff National Park, Canada

The Canadian Rockies under the full moon offer a serene and wild beauty. The reflection of the moon on the park’s lakes adds to the allure.

Best Viewing Times: September and October are ideal for clear, cool nights.

Local Tips: Camping or staying in a cabin can offer a more immersive experience.

9. The Atacama Desert, Chile

As one of the driest places on Earth, the Atacama offers unparalleled clarity for moon and star gazing.

Best Viewing Times: The desert skies are usually clear year-round.

Local Tips: Astronomical tours are a must for the full experience.

10. The Himalayas, Nepal/Tibet

The sight of the full moon over the world’s highest peaks is something truly special. The Himalayas offer a majestic backdrop like no other.

Best Viewing Times: Post-monsoon, from October to November, offers clear skies.

Local Tips: Trekking routes and high viewpoints offer the best views.

There is always room for a #11

11. Uluru, Australia

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of Australia’s most iconic natural landmarks. This massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid “Red Centre” offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for full moon viewings.

Description: Watching the full moon rise over Uluru is an experience like no other. The way the moonlight plays off the red hues of the rock creates a stunning visual contrast, blending ancient spirituality with natural beauty.

Best Viewing Times: The cooler months from May to September offer clear skies and comfortable temperatures for nighttime viewing.

Local Tips: Respect the sacredness of Uluru. Stay on designated paths and choose official viewing areas for the best experiences. Consider joining a guided tour to learn more about the cultural significance of Uluru and the surrounding area.


Each of these locations offers a unique way to experience the full moon, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re watching the moon rise over ancient monuments, reflecting on tranquil waters, or illuminating vast landscapes, these spots are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Have you experienced the full moon in any of these locations? Share your stories and photos with us, or suggest other great spots for moon watching!

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